CLE Seatwork

For this assignment, I picked the action of divorce. For this action, I feel that it should definitely be wrong. To start with, marriage is already a huge decision in which people should definitely take time to think about it. Both the man and the woman should be certain of what he or she is getting into, and if one rashly decides to marry another person, he/she must stick to his decision. Other than the fact that you swore to live with this person through hardships, you also have an obligation to your children, which I feel is unachievable when the single most basic unit of the society is broken. For this matter alone, I feel that divorce is a single harsh decision that should not be considered for the child’s sake. Most of my basis from this claim comes from my own experiences and from the experiences of my friends, therefore I can say that much of my decision is largely influenced by my emotions.

Despite my innate hatred for this action, I can say that sadly, there are times wherein a divorce would not be considered bad or sinful. These cases happen when couples never were in love in the first place. Scenarios of this type can be seen in many countries where arranged marriage still plays a large part of their culture. In these cases, it is difficult to say that these marriages should stay together when there never really was an attachment between the couple stronger than their parent’s. In situations like these: one would be aware of the sinful action, consented to the act as well, but never really had the freedom to choose.

So far, based on what I’ve written, I feel that I am an evaluativist for this case. Despite the fact that I do not wish for married couples to ever stop loving each other, I can’t say that it is fair for those that have been forced into the act.


John Doe and his wife have been constantly fighting for the past few months, and on christmas day, John’s wife stormed out of his apartment. The next day, John saw a note and divorce forms by the door. John then goes to ask me what he should do. His wife is 6 months pregnant and there is still ample time to have a divorce so that it doesn’t affect the child as much.

My answer:

Firstly, what happened John? What went wrong? You know it could all be because of the emotional stress your wife is going through carrying the baby. Think carefully about what you’re planning to do. Divorcing your wife will do no one in your family well. I hate to sound like your father, but if you think about it, you’ll be in ruins because I am sure you still love her. I also think that your wife will be in the same state because never have I seen a couple so happy together. I feel that you should try to work it out. Listen to her more and be more understanding. You shouldn’t make decisions rashly without thinking.  You’ve got to recheck your motives and try to work things out. My relationship with Jane is not perfect as well, but whenever these kind of thought come to mind, I always try to recheck the roots of these ideas and who I would be affecting if I did push through with it. As for whether or not it is wrong, I too am unsure about that, but whenever I am uncertain, I always immediately think its wrong because, most of the time, it is.


Genetically Modified Foods/Organisms

GMO’s refer to genetically modified organisms, or in layman’s terms, organisms who’ve had their genetic structure altered a specific way. This is done in order to place all of the best traits of a certain food together. By doing so, the foods suddenly become extremely beneficial to the body. Suddenly fishes grow a lot faster and the distribution of fish increases worldwide, or maybe bananas start to have genetic traits which combat certain diseases. These are just among the few possibilities with GMOs, and yet playing with your food may be dangerous. 

GMOs pose a threat to the human society in the sense that there may be certain “slow” reactions that take time happen. These reactions may have adverse effects on the human that consumed the supposed miracle food.

To conclude, I feel that GMOs pose too much a risk on the human body that it is difficult to test without wasting a large amount of time. Moreover, these types of food pose a threat to the reality of food. I feel that eating GMOs limit our ability to taste freshness in our food because of the modifications made on it, and the effect it will have on the food that is sold across the market. 

Pascal’s theory module 4


Pascal’s theory module 3


Food chemistry (what’s weird for you?)


For today’s class, my chemistry teacher allowed us to browse the internet for some of the weirdest and most bizarre foods we’ve ever seen or heard of. With this daunting task up ahead of us, our teacher jumpstarted our research with some websites, which contained some of the most disturbing dishes that have been served. Included in this category are asian delicacies like codfish sperm, tuna eyes, balut, and many more.

In my opinion, these food are described to be weird due to the fact that these types of dishes are not what is typically in the menus of the common restaurants. I feel that for this reason people think these types of dishes are odd, to say the least, but food nonetheless. These delicacies can’t be removed from the food category because it is still something people eat, and this, for me, is what constituents food. 


The top 5 weirdest food that I’ve ever eaten or drunk are:

  1. balut
  2. tequila with larva inside
  3. snail
  4. bird’s nest
  5. frog legs

VC with St. Mary’s college



On The 24th of November, my group and I had the opportunity to have a video conference with the students of St. Mary’s college. We began the conference with the basic introductions, but both parties were still extremely quiet and shy. We only replied to the questions of the facilitator, and our VC was definitely quite stagnant. This went on for a few moments until we began asking each other about our own schools, and I feel that this is where our discussion became much more fruitful. From our daily school life to the various extra-curricular activities that our schools offered, we found that our schools were definitely alike in many aspects. Apart from this, we were extremely fortunate to have a working internet connection between both parties. The video and sound quality were actually great, but there were still times wherein we’d have to listen intently because we could’t understand the students from St. Mary’s. Being their first VC, I feel that St. Mary’s could’ve spoken slower because it was difficult to understand their austrailian accent. Overall, the VC went well, but I feel that It would’ve been better had our australian counterparts spoke at a much slower pace.


underage drinking